Ciara Peter

Product Management and Design Expert

Ciara is a seasoned executive with 10 years of experience bringing scalable, engaging products to market. With a background in design to complement her operational product development experience, Ciara specializes in a truly end to end approach to product strategy, including market research, data analysis, prioritization frameworks, product roadmaps, agile development, customer research, concept design, prototyping, visual design, and post-delivery analysis. Most recently, Ciara led Product at BetterWorks, joining the founding team to build a solution from scratch, leading to multi-million ARR by year 1 and securing 300 enterprise customers / 100,000 users. Prior to this, Ciara led several initiatives at salesforce, across product strategy, design and UX, and mobile. She was recognized for leading industry innovation with 22 patents submitted on behalf of the company, and "top inventor of the year" designation in 2012 and 2013. Her interests outside of work include health food, fitness, and travel.

Ciara is currently open to product leadership, consulting, and speaking opportunities.

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